Administrator & Assistant Admin Orientation

Administrator & Assistant Admin Job Description

Business Office Manager Orientation

Business Office Manager Job Description

Receptionist Orientation

Receptionist Job Description

Accounts Receivable Orientation

Accounts Receivable Job Description

Accounts Payable Orientation

Accounts Payable Job Description

Human Resources & Payroll Orientation

Human Resources Job Description

Health Information Manager/Medical Records


Admissions Coordinator Orientation

Admissions Coordinator Job Description

Additional Administrative Orientation

Weekend Manager Orientation (Specialized Training)


DON & ADON Orientation

DON Job Description

ADON Job Description

RAI/MDS/Care Plan Coordinator Orientation

RAI/MDS/Care Plan Coordinator Job Description

Clinical Coordinator Orientation

Clinical Coordinator Job Description

Team Leader Orientation

Team Leader Job Description

Treatment Nurse Orientation

Treatment Nurse Job Description

Infection Preventionist Orientation


Restorative Nurse Orientation


Charge Nurse Orientation

Charge Nurse Job Description

Clinical Nutrition Nurse or Clinical CDM Orientation

Clinical Nutrition Nurse or Clinical CDM JobDescription

Medication Assistant, Certified -MAC Orientation

Medication Assistant, Certified – MAC Job Description

CNA Orientation

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

Restorative Aide Orientation

Restorative Aide Job Description

RCA Orientation

Resident Care Assistant Job Description

Central Supply Orientation


Nurse Scheduler Orientation


Lab Director Phlebotomist Orientation


Respiratory Therapist Orientation

Respiratory Therapist Job Description

Staff Development Coordinator/NurseAideTrainer Orientation

Staff Development Coordinator/Nurse Aide Trainer Job Description

Nursing Assistant Students Orientation


Director of Dietary Orientation – (RD or CDM)

Director of Dietary JobDescription – (RD or CDM)

Food Service Supervisor Orientation

Food Service Supervisor Job Description

Dietary Staff – Cook Orientation

Dietary Cook Job Description

DietaryAide Orientation

Dietary Aide Job Description


Maintenance Orientation – Director & Staff

Maintenance Director Job Description

Maintenance Assistant Job Description

Transportation Orientation Program

(Specialized Training for individuals who drive facility bus.)



Activity Director & Assistant Orientation

Activities Director Job Description

Activity Aide/Assistant Orientation

Activities Aide/Assistant Job Description

Activity Screening Assistant Orientation


Volunteer Orientation

Social Services

Social Service Director (LBSW or SSD) Orientation

Social Services Director Job Description

Social Services Designee Job Description

Social Service Assistant Orientation

Social Services Assistant Job Description

Social Services TransportAide Orientation

Transport Aide Job Description

Barber & Beauty

Beautician & Assistant Orientation

Beauty Shop Assistant Job Description